Bernie Ecclestone Said Buying Nurburgring Will Be Impractical for Him image

Bernie Ecclestone denied rumors that he plans to buy the Nurburgring.

After track operator Nürburgring collapsed in May, rumors began that Bernie Ecclestone planned to purchase the track and that he even told a German newspaper that purchasing the rights to the track would “mean the German Grand Prix is secure in the future”. But Ecclestone, 82, has denied all these rumors, saying that he did not put a bid for Nurburgring before the deadline of June 12th.

Ecclestone told a German newspaper that making such a move and taking the rights on the Nurburgring will be impractical for him. Reports also say that besides Ecclestone, other parties interested in the acquisition include Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz, who is said to have put a bid with German association ADAC.

At the end of May, Hyundai announced it will invest £4.7 million to build a new R&D center at the Nurburgring. The automaker will use the track to test durability on all its new vehicles. Each new Hyundai model will be tested on 180,000 km, including 10,000 km or 480 laps to be done on the Nürburgring.

“It’s the ideal track; it covers all possible driving situations. It has the characteristics that will give an experienced driver a feel for the performance. The driver can then report where we need to change something, like the balance for example,” said Honish.