Bertone falls into bankruptcy; ceases trading image

Gruppo Bertone, commonly known simply as Bertone – the legendary Italian automobile company specialized in car styling, coachbuilding and manufacturing has ceased trading amid legal claims lodged by suppliers.

In other words, looks like Bertone is bankrupt.

The Grugliasco-based design house has managed to escaped bankruptcy in 2007 and again in late 2011, but looks like this time the company is almost death – even if last year, in 2013 Bertone generated more than 20 million euros in revenue, mostly from some Chinese projects.
There are no official details at this moment, but the company already has laid off 165 workers and 11 interns in the last week. In addition some of the remaining workers have not been paid for six months.

Michael Robinson, Bertone’s ex-chief designer said: “I cannot say what will become of the once great design house”. “Fortunately crisis holds opportunity” Robinson said.

However there’s hope as some companies already showed interest, including a Turkish company that offered $2.7 million for the legendary Italian automobile company. On the same time, according to some media reports, seven other Italian companies said to have expressed interest in purchasing Bertone.

The company, founded in 1912 is based in Grugliasco in northern Italy. Designer Nuccio Bertone, the son of Giovanni Bertone, and the men who designed some of the world’s most exotic low-volume sports cars, died on February 26, 1997 in Turin. He was 82.