Bespoke Bentley Continental GT comes to life with orange carbon fiber image

The Mulliner division is again responsible for a Bentley rolling art vehicle, coming up with this one-off Continental GT that uses a very quirky type of carbon fiber as trim.

It appears the good people over at Mulliner – the Bentley personalization department – have outdone themselves in terms of craftsmanship this time. What we have here is not your regular Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible – since this one-off project has been painted in Ghost White with and Orange Flame hue for the hood, windshield surround and bodykit. The exterior is decidedly catchy and it’s not too opulent for our taste even though they’re using a rather bright orange tone.

Bespoke Bentley Continental GT comes to life with orange carbon fiber 1

But the real treat is actually inside the cabin. There the driver and passengers will be met by sumptuous Linen upholstery with orange highlights, with even the treadplates back-lit in orange. This is again rather eye-catchy, but we’ve seen our fair share of out of the world projects. What makes this luxury convertible stand out from the crowd is the bright orange interior trim. The thing is that’s actually carbon fiber – called by Mulliner Sparkle Carbon and designed by the unit to “emulate the organic color palette and mesmerizing movement of a flame.” It was actually woven using three types of material. We have the regular carbon fiber, as well as copper foil, and metal wire. Cut and finished, it was then lacquered to a bring out the copper’s natural reflectivity.