Bespoke McLaren’s featuring MSO touches heading to Geneva image

The British ultra-luxury supercar manufacturer’s MSO unit is ready to send a couple of unique models to parade at this year’s Geneva Motor Show starting early March.

McLaren is gearing up for its fourth edition of the Geneva Motor Show and will display its models in its largest stand by far as the company intends to have its entire roster there. But since we’re fans of the MSO division, we’re more interesting in what they have to offer – and the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is not going to disappoint viewers: a unique P1 with carbon-fiber enhancements and a bespoke 675LT Spider will join forces.

First off, the P1 is yet another customer-tailored order and is designed to pay carbon fiber tribute” to the vehicle that has just finished its production run. It comes with a completely exposed carbon fiber body, hand-laid and covered with a bespoke Lio Blue tinted lacquer. Other amenities include a gloss black finish for the alloys, a modified interior with added trim and carbon black Alcantara contrasted by blue stitching, as well as a 24-carat gold exhaust heatshield that harkens back to the days of the McLaren F1.

The unique 675LT Spider will have a ceramic gray appearance and even more carbon fiber than the regular model – the lightweight material has also been used to make up the retractable hardtop, saving 2.20 lbs (1 kg), as well as the front wings. A carbon appearance is also granted to the aerodynamic front bumper end plates, side skirts, side intakes and rear bumper.