Bespoke Pagani Zonda 760 MD has bluish carbon fiber and huge wing image

Pagani is well known for its craftsmanship capabilities and since it’s an exotic boutique supercar manufacturer we’re pretty used to the company serving affluent clients for one-off versions of its models.

While the Huayra has been around for quite a while, there are those who just won’t let go of their Zonda – so Pagani has to serve and deliver the latest one-off of the series, called Zonda 760 MD. It all comes to life once we start to discuss the credentials – in the center we have the naturally aspirated (classic, no turbo yet) V12 that has been massaged to deliver 760 horsepower (but then again you guessed that from the name, right?). The Zonda, which has been around since way back in 1999 doesn’t look a moment dated – and that blue carbon fiber bodywork allows this special model to sit proudly next to any Bugatti Chiron.

As you can see, aside from the bluish carbon fiber, there are also numerous elements left in their “exposed” state (clear coating on them) to make sure the black adds a nice contrast touch to the assembly – styling is always important, right? Then we have this extreme aero package – complete with front winglets, Zonda R roof-mounted air scoop and all the way down to that massive rear wing providing downforce. It appears the lucky owner is Instagram user @mdin25, who is apparently very young and proud of his (very wealthy) loving father.

Via Prototype Zero