Bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost is the perk of an UFC fighter image

Classic adulators of the British ultra-luxury automaker should not be reading this piece of news – because apart from including a Ghost it’s a purist’s worst nightmare.

Because celebrities tend to get all sorts of perks we mere mortals only dream off, this customized Ghost shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. 28-year-old Conor Anthony McGregor aka “The Notorious” has just been granted the keys to this exquisite new Ghost by Rolls-Royce because huge and incredible freebies do happen in the world of marketing exposure. By the way, this is not a shiny new car – because the Irishman’s request specified a matte black paint for the ultra-luxurious saloon. We do find the huge decals with the “Notorious” lettering and McGregor’s picture on the doors to be a little distasteful, but other than that the car is surprisingly great.


We do get it though – Rolls-Royce boasts about its power of customization and the fact it may grant a client’s every wish – if technically possible, which is why we’ve seen the Rolls in glorious shades of pink in the years past. This example is said to be worth $350,000, which makes us believe the interior has been the object of customization – as the exterior just has the great looking matte paint and the hideous decals. By the way, McGregor is now UFC’s first two-class champion after a battle ended in a KO victory against Eddie Alvarez.

Via AndrewLinkPhotography