Bigger BMW 1-Series to rival the Audi A3 image

In a competition for younger customers, the Bavarian automaker is launching a bigger 1-Series, to rival the compact Audi A3.

BMW’s smallest model will be longer and wider, with more room for the interior and extra trunk space. According to the manufacturer, the new 1-Series will start from 23.850 euros in Germany, 900 euros more than its predecessor.

“The 1-Series has considerable strategic value for BMW. It is the gateway for customers in their 30s”, said a Bankhaus Merzler analyst, Juergen Pieper. The new 1-Series will also rival, besides the A3, with the rebuilt Mercedes-Benz B-Class, which will hit the market next year.

The next generation of BMW’s 1-Series will be the top seller on the Western European auto market for luxury compact vehicles this year, with 154.000 units, compared to the 141.000 of Audi’s A3 and 81.000 of the B-Class.

“We are delighted with the ability to bring new customers to the company with the development of the 1-Series. This car has the youngest age profile within the BMW Group”, said Ian Robertson, sales chief.

The redesigned BMW 1-Series is expected to hit the showrooms in September this year.