Bill Ford and KPMG forecast a spectacular transformation of the transportation sector image

While many executives don’t look beyond their spreadsheets with current and upcoming sales, the top executives and the best analysts need to look beyond the near-future.

We’re treating you with two cases of the latter section – two important voices in the auto industry are calling our attention towards the massive shift – akin to a velvet revolution – of the automobile’s role in a densely populated world. First off, according to a recent KPMG report, the consulting firm predicts the rise in prominence of ride-sharing, car-sharing and mobility-on-demand services will actually negatively impact the average number of cars per household in the United States.

“The freedom of mobility that my great-grandfather brought to people throughout the world is now threatened,” thinks Bill Ford, as his entire life – shaped by the unrestricted access to the auto industry – gives him a rather unique point of view among top automotive brass. He also sees a “global gridlock on a scale the world has never seen before” as by 2025 at least half of the world’s population would live in concentrated urban areas of at least 10 million residents – with the global total of car ownership – now at around 1 billion, set to double in 2050.