We certainly admire and support the people revolutionizing the automotive industry today with electrics, autonomous and connected cars – but we still love the bonkers idea of slapping a jet engine and a rocket engine to a set of wheels and going flat out.

Yes, in a few words – this is exactly what Bloodhound SSC is all about – getting the biggest, baddest engines on Earth hooked to a set of wheels and hoping all goes well and a new land speed record comes out. And I’m not going to try and downsize the amount of work, dedication and intelligence that goes into this feat. In my opinion – these people are the Newtons and Asimovs of our time – alongside the beautifully crazy men that want to cure cancer or inhabit Mars. So, each and every time they’re going to come closer to their goal, we’re going to write about them – because they deserve to be known everywhere around the world.

Anyways, after narrowly averting financial disaster by securing Geely as the “prime sponsor and official automotive partner”, Bloodhound SSC’s team is now entering into the final preparation stages. And they’re going to do the first high-speed trial run next year, now being back into 3M’s state-of-the-art Atherstone facility for the final livery – as the paint will need to withstand possible supersonic speeds. While the project was on hold with 85% of the car completed, Volvo’s parent company and China’s seventh largest car maker, Geely, decided to come to the rescue – so work on the Bloodhound’s upper chassis is now underway since December 19. Bloodhound’s project director Richard Noble was thankful of Geely’s implication and recently announced K shakedown trials at Newquay airport will start next year – with the 11-mile track at Hakskeen Pan, South Africa, awaiting them afterwards to try and reach 800 mph. In 2018 the dream of 1000 mph might come true…



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