BMW’s Leipzig factory – entirely powered by wind energy until 2013 image

After announcing the launch in 2013 of two new plug-in hybrid vehicles which combine an electric motor with a three cylinder combustion engine, BMW makes one step closer in becoming the leader in sustainable production. The German carmaker is developing a wind farm which will ensure all the energy needed for its Leipzig plant.

Practically, the manufacturing unit situated in Leipzig will be an example of green energy production, a model to follow for all the factories in the world.

The wind farm will generate 10 MW power through four 2.5MW turbines and will allow producing about 200,000 electrical vehicles at a rate of 740 units per day, starting end of 2013.

In the first nine months, BMW sold 1.02 million cars globally, a rise of 14.5 percent over 2010 figures.

As announced earlier this year, BMW is currently developing two new green cars under the new i brand: the i3 city car and the i8 2+2 sports car. Also, as part of its sustainability philosophy “Clean Production”, BMW targets to diminish the consumptions of vital resources like energy and water, to reduce sewage and to cut vehicles emission with 30 percent until 2012 compared with 2006.