BMW’s Leipzig plant made 1m cars image

The BMW Group is celebrating its 1m cars made at the Leipzig plant, and the model to “wear” the 1m mark on it was a 116d.

One of the most successful car manufacturers on the market, BMW, has recently announced that its Leipzig plant has made 1 million cars. As you probably know, and if you don’t you will find out now, the Leipzig plant has been opened in 2005 and the assembly line is producing the 1-Series and the X1. The 1millionth number vehicle to roll off the Leipzig assembly line was a white, three-door, 1-Series 116d, and the event was celebrated by the Saxony’s Prime Minister Stanislav Tilich and mayor Burkhard Jung.

The German based carmaker has announced that the 1millionth number car has been donated to the Joblinge charity, which is dealing with professional training of unqualified young people, and the model will benefit from free service for three years at the same BMW Leipzig plant. BMW has big plans for its Leipzig factory and besides manufacturing the 1-Series and the X1 crossover, the automaker is planning to invest into the facility for producing the i3 and i8. BMW didn’t say anything about its upcoming crossovers, the X2 and the X4.