BMW 1-series M is coming image

Today, Dr. Kay Segler head of BMW Motorsport Division, confirmed the existence of an M-tuned 1 Series.

When asked in an official BMW interview why there was no model in BMW’s range to match the original M3, Segler said:

“All models grow, have more equipment features and options which can be freely choosen.
“Ultimately this is reflected in the vehicle dimensions, weight and price, too. This is why it is one of my most urgent goals to offer a small, affordable M model in the tradition of the very first BMW M3.

“This model will be based on the BMW 1 Series Coupé and also be focused on the essentials – the fascination of driving. And it will reflect a love of detail, too.”

For the moment theare are not many infos, what we know is that the car will be based solely on the 1 Series coupe, which is the only 1 Series variant that BMW offers in the United States. Segler says more information will be available before the car’s Christmas reveal.