BMW 1-Series M Sedan might be launched in 2015 image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to develop a 1-Series M Sedan which might hit the market by 2015.

The powerful small sedan segment is being born as we speak and with Mercedes-Benz being closer and closer to launch the CLA45 AMG, BMW is also planning new model. The car manufacturer is trying to keep the 1-Series M Sedan into the shadows for the moment, but rumors are saying that it’s expected to hit the market by 2015, which is quite late, considering the fact that Mercedes-Benz will launch the CLA45 AMG next year.

The BMW 1-Series M Sedan has been designed to appeal to buyers in China and in the United States and the model should be based on the rear-wheel drive platform which is underpinning the 1-Series or even the UKL platform with front-wheel drive, which will make its debut on the 1-Series GT. A decision in this case will be made soon and the cost, handling and other factors will be calculated.

The future model to enter BMW’s lineup, the 1-Series M Sedan, is expected to get a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine under its hood, which should produce over 300 HP (221 kW). The standard 1-Series Sedan will carry the same engine lineup as the standard 1-Series. Additional details on the model are limited for the moment and will be announced over the following years.

Source: Autocar