BMW 1-Series three-door hatchback F21 leaked image

Bad news for the German based automaker BMW, after the new F21 1-Series three-door hatchback has leaked in patent images.

The new generation of the five-door hatchback 1-Series made by BMW has no more secretes to hide, but even so, the three-door version is well guarded, or at least was well guarded, until recently, when some patent images revealed it. Thanks to, we now know what the BMW 1-Series three-door hatchback F21 will look like and, as you can see in the images posted below, the B-pillar has been pulled back and angled towards the rear and by not having any doors in the back, the model makes us think of a shooting brake.

Even if we don’t have any official details about the upcoming BMW 1-Series three-door hatchback F21, rumors are saying that the model will come as a 125i, with a 2.0 liter turbo inline-four engine, developing 220 horsepower, as a 125d, to complement the 116i, the 118i and the 120d. The BMW 1-Series is expected to be offered in a total of six different body versions divided into two different build architectures and the new F21, or the 1-Series three-door hatchback as it is also known, will be revealed in Spring 2012.