BMW 118d becomes 1M replica with 555 HP V10 image

A BMW 118d Coupe has been transformed into a 1M replica by German tuner TJ Fahrzeugdesign as the model in question has received a 555 HP engine under its hood.

Did you ever think what a 1M Coupe CSL would be like? Well, if the answer is Yes, you’re not exactly original as German tuner TJ Fahrzeugdesign has went a step beyond asking questions and it has developed such a model. The donor car was a BMW 118d Coupe which has become an impressive 1M Coupe replica, with 555 HP coming from under its hood.

The inline six-cylinder standard engine with 340 HP found on the regular 1M Coupe has been dropped in favor of the legendary V10 from the last M5 and M6 generations. Various measures have raised the total output to approximately 555 HP as the rev keeps on going to 8,800 rpm. The 1M Coupe replica has rear-wheel drive and a seven-speed SMG transmission. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint is made in just 3.9 seconds and the 200 km/h mark is achieved in less than 12 seconds. From 0 to 300 km/h this vehicle can sprint in 36 seconds.

Besides modifying its exterior design and fitting a new engine under its hood, TJ Fahrzeugdesign has also added features like the KW CLubsport coilover suspension Variant 3 and the brakes installed on the previous X6 M. The remaining suspension comes from the M3 E92. A custom made stainless steel exhaust system has been developed and the car is now sitting on 19-inch rims with 285mm wide sport tires. The cost of the conversion reaches 85,000 euros.