BMW 1M Coupe by Best Cars and Bikes gets power boost image

The German tuner named Best Cars and Bikes has recently released a new upgrade package for the BMW 1M Coupe, which is adding a power boost and some other tweaks to the powerful vehicle.

According to the aftermarket specialists at Best Cars and Bikes, the BMW 1M Coupe in question is now getting an optimized ECU, along with a Bastuck stainless steel exhaust system, which is allowing the 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder twin-turbo engine to develop a total output of 419 HP (425 PS / 313 kW), 84 HP (85 PS / 63 kW) more than the standard version of the 1M Coupe.

The car tuner didn’t release any performance specifications with the BMW 1M Coupe but is telling us that, besides from the modifications mentioned above, the model is also getting a fresh set of 20-inch alloy wheels, signed by Schmidt Revolution, along with a KW coilover suspension. Unfortunately we don’t have any extra details on the BMW 1M Coupe modified by Best Cars and Bikes and we don’t even know how much is the price of this package, but we will keep you updated on the subject.