BMW 1M Series by RevoZport image

The Asian tuning company RevoZport has just unveiled their version of BMW 1M Series, with a new aerodynamic design and more power to the wheels.

The powerful 1M was is now fitted with a carbon fiber body kit which includes new grille, ventilated hood, front splitter, side skirts, lightweight trunk, trunk-mounted spoiler, roof-mounted spoiler, rear wing, lightweight roof, mirror casings and rear diffuser.

According to the BMW tuner, the car weighs 60 kg less than the stock version achieved through “the extensive use of carbon composite fiber products” and “the 1M Raze is the ultimate combination of performance, style and handling”, as it is written on the tuner’s official site.

The new 1M now has an improved power-to-weight ratio and aerodynamic efficiency and the Asian tuner also “played” with the car’s performance by installing an intercooler, a blow-off valve, high-flow air filter, a new titanium exhaust system and the ECU was revised.

Even though the tuner didn’t announce anything official about the 1M’s power, the P450 name could suggest that the car is now developing 450 horsepower.