BMW 2-Series Cabrio rendered image

Following the debut of the 2-Series Coupe, the BMW 2-Series Cabrio renderings have hit the web and they should also hit the dealerships soon.

The German based automaker BMW has recently introduced the 2-Series Coupe just a few days ago, but time has come to talk about the 2-Series Cabrio, which is believed to be launched over the following months. The images posted below represent renderings made by Theophilus Chin and even if they are not the real deal, they can still provide us with a first look into the final production version of the model.

The only differences between this and the Coupe will be the obvious roof, which might be either solid or fabric, the reduced storage space in the trunk which will have to make room for the roof and some protection in case of a rollover. The 2-Series Cabrio will also be slightly heavier than its solid roof brother, which might affect handling.

The engine lineup in the model will be carried over from the 2-Series Coupe and it will include versions line the 220i Cabrio, the 228i Cabrio, the 235i Cabrio and the 220d Cabrio. An M2 Cabrio is also believed to be in the works, along with an M2 Coupe. More details on the model are limited for the moment and will be announced close to its launch.