The all-new BMW 2-Series Convertible has been recently spied for the very first time while it was being tested on public roads.

The German based automaker is planning to apply the same treatment to the 1-Series Coupe and Convertible as it did for the 3-Series Coupe and Convertible and while these models have been rebranded as the 4-Series Coupe and Convertible, the first two will be named the 2-Series Coupe and Convertible. The very first spy photos with the all-new drop-top 2-Series have been published by the guys at Car Scoop and they are revealing the model on public roads with a lot of camouflage on its body.

The BMW 2-Series models will share the same platform, interior design and more with the 1-Series hatchbacks and, judging by the images posted below, the Convertible will get a power soft-top. The all-new BMW 2-Series models will be powered by 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, along with the anticipated 3.0 liter turbocharged straight six units. A high performance version which will probably be named the M2 Coupe / M2 Convertible is also expected to hit the market. Additional details on the BMW 2-Series Convertible are limited for the moment and will probably be announced sometimes next year, close to their debut.

Source: Car Scoop


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