BMW 220d Coupe gets new engine image

BMW has made a significant change to the current 220d Coupe, which has dropped the 2.0 liter diesel engine in exchange for a new one.

The BMW 220d Coupe has gone through a significant change after the German based automaker has dropped the current 2.0 liter diesel engine in exchange for a new one, which is promising more horsepower and lower CO2 emissions. According to the car manufacturer, the new unit has an improved thermodynamic, solenoid injectors on the direct injection system which can operate at 2,000 bars and the overall weight of the engine is now 2 kg lighter than the old one.

BMW says that the new 220d Coupe is now coming with a total of 190 HP, meaning 6 HP more and 20 Nm of torque more than the previous version. This ensures it has less CO2 emissions, of up to 12 g/km compared to the old unit” and it is now burning 0.4 liters of fuel less. The CO2 emissions stand at just 99 g/km and, depending on the rims and tires chosen, the model can burn somewhere between 4.1L and 4.4L / 100 km with the 6-speed manual transmission and 3.8L – 4.1L with the automatic variant. The 0 to 100 km/h acceleration is made 0.1s faster, in 7.1 seconds for the manual and 7.0 seconds with the automatic gearbox. No pricing details have been announced.