BMW 3-Series Coupe and Convertible not to come as a 4-Series image

The German based automaker BMW is surprising everyone again with its new 3-Series and after rumors appeared which announced that the Coupe and Convertible versions will be rebadged as the 4-Series, it seems that the two versions will continue to follow the same path as their predecessors.

According to the guys at, the new generation of the 3-Series will not be badged as the 4-Series for the Coupe and Convertible, a fact also sustained by the BMW of North America, LLC, Dave Buchko who said: “We’ve seen nothing official to suggest that a Coupe would be called anything but a 3-Series”.

The BMW official also talked about the new generation of the M3 Sedan: “We have no details on a next generation of M3 at this stage, but a lot of folks are having fun speculating”.

BMW is putting a stop on rumors launched by and it seems that the Coupe will be sold under the 3-Series name. Dave Buchko didn’t say anything about the Convertible version so there might still be some truth left in the initial rumors, but rather than speculating we better wait until both model hit the dealerships.

You can find out more about the new generation of the BMW 3-Series by clicking this link. Enjoy!

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