BMW 3-Series E30 can be upgraded by TMCars image

TMCars is getting ready to offer a new upgrade package for the classic BMW 3-Series E30, which will bring a modern look to the iconic model.

Did you ever wonder what the classic BMW 3-Series F30 would look like today if the German based automaker wouldn’t have moved away to the E36, E46 and so on? Well if the answer is “no” we know someone who did. TMCars has asked that very same question and with the help of a skilful designer, the car in the image posted above was born which, we must admit, it’s very attractive.

“The shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps. The line on the lower side of the body which connects the front intakes with the exhaust outlets, and the body wideline inbetween, which shapes the front and the rear bumpers, and runs along the sides as a fine edge”, as the company is saying.

Two different designs for the E30 are being offered, the street version, which is retaining the roof and glasshouse of the original model, while the wheel arches have been designed for wider wheels and the original suspension, and the race version, which is also keeping the factory glasshouse but it’s adding a wider C-pillar similar to the first M3. I bet if you’re an E30 owner and you saw this news you’re all excited but grab a chair because the Hungarian company will put this concept30 kit into production if it will receive positive reactions from customers.