BMW 3-Series GT Caught testing in Northern Europe [Video] image

Yes – The 5-Series GT is one of the most unsuccessful models BMW has ever offered. However, the German automaker the 3-Series GT is no longer a rumor: it has been given the green light for production and will hit the market in March of 2013.

The new model will get a unique hatchback design. Looking much like the 5 Series GT, it’s expected to be more of a traditional hatch when it comes to functionality however.

Expect the GT to feature the same range of petrol and diesel engines as the 3-Series sedan, including the four-cylinder turbo diesel 320d, four-cylinder turbo petrol 328i and six-cylinder turbo 335i. All will be mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

But – With the 3 Series wagon already confirmed for North America and the lack of success the 5 Series GT, it’s unlikely this model will find its way in U.S.

The 3-Series GT won’t be the last member of BMW’s GT family. A 1-Series GT is said to be in the works, and will hit the market not long after the 3 GT.