BMW 3-Series GT production starts image

The BMW 3-Series GT has recently entered production at the company’s plant in Leipzig and the model will be officially presented to the public in a world premiere next month at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

The German based automaker BMW didn’t say anything official on the new 3-Series GT E34 production start but according to the guys at the model has just hit the assembly line in Leipzig. The BMW 3-Series GT is actually based on the long wheelbase 3-Series available in China and the model is expected to follow the same path as its larger brother, the 5-Series GT. The BMW 3-Series GT E34 is the first 3-Series with a hatchback bodystyle since the E36 compact from the mid 1990s.

The BMW 3-Series GT, which will be known internally as the F34, will get more space in the trunk and extra space for the rear seat passengers. The engine lineup for the 3-Series GT is expected to be carried over from the regular 3-Series F30 model and this will also include the four-cylinder turbo diesel from the 320d, the four-cylinder petrol turbo from the 328i and the larger six-cylinder found on the 335i. More details on the BMW 3-Series GT will be announced at the Paris Motor Show next month.