BMW 3-Series Hybrid prototype crashed in Germany – test driver dies image

A BMW test driver has been killed recently in a tragic accident on the A92 behind the wheel of a BMW 3-Series hybrid prototype because of a truck which pulled in front of him.

The life of a BMW test driver has ended tragically at a moment where he was conducting some tests on a prototype version of the BMW 3-Series hybrid. According to which is quoting, the BMW test driver was doing some tests at high speeds on the Autobahn (A92) in Germany, while he was passing several trucks. Unfortunately, one of those trucks pulled out in front of him and despite his quick reaction, impact was inevitable and he ended up under the rear trailer.

Our source is saying that the driver of the BMW 3-Series hybrid prototype has died immediately because of the extremely violent crash. Nobody else was in the prototype. The crash took place on the 21st of September on the A92, near the company’s Dingolfing factory. The highway was closed for several hours. Investigation is currently conducted and this will hopefully explain how this unfortunate incident took place.