BMW 4-Series Coupe gets priced in the U.S. image

BMW has announced the official price list for the new 4-Series Coupe in the United States, where the cheapest version will set you back for 41, 425 USD.

Americans will soon be able to get their hands on the new BMW 4-Series Coupe, where the entry-level version, the 428i Coupe, will set you back for 41,425 USD. The model in question is taking its power from a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is good for 242 HP. Ordering the BMW 428i xDrive means paying up to 43,425 USD.

If four-cylinder engines are not what you’re looking for, than there are six-cylinder units available for order too, in the 435i and the 435i xDrive. The 3.0L engine will set you back for 46,925 USD in the 435i, and for 48,925 USD in the 435i xDrive. The transmission options in these four- and six-cylinder powered cars include the six-speed manual or the eight-speed automatic.

If you want to further personalize the 4-Series Coupe, BMW is also offering the M Sport Package, for 3,500 USD on the 428i, and for 3,100 USD on the 435i, adding the sport seats and raising the limited top speed. There is also a Technology Package, available for 3,150 USD, adding a navigation system with touchpad and a head-up display. Adding these packages and some optional features means that the price will easily stand at 60,000 USD.