BMW 4-Series Coupe gets wide body kit from Liberty Walk image

The Japanese aftermarket specialists from Liberty Walk have created a wide body kit for the new BMW 4-Series Coupe.

Did you ever wonder what a wide body kit on the BMW 4-Series Coupe would look like? Well, if you are into modifying your rides, chances are the answer to this question is “yes” and happily you are not the only one. A Japanese tuning company called Liberty Walk has recently created a wide body kit for the 3-door coupe which is making the model look like a true beast ready for the track, but it’s not, because there are no performance modifications made.

The upgrade includes significantly wider wheel arches with visible rivets, new front and rear bumpers, a large front splitter with aero blades, larger side skirts, a ducktail spoiler, a lowered ride height, very wide tires and a bespoke exhaust system, amongst others. Liberty Walk says that pricing of the whole kit has been set at 13,500 USD but the pieces can also be added individually. This upgrade kit would make sense on a new BMW M4 Coupe which is owned by a 20-year old kid who wants to impress his girlfriend because tuning should be kept under the body.