Concept:  BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo image

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is the series-based adaptation
of the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) in the upper midrange segment,
offering an impressive outlook on the extension of the BMW 5 Series by a
new, additional concept.
Besides the typical BMW proportions, the coupe-like roofline accentuates
the elegant yet sporty character of the car and the sheer length of the
car’s body. In addition, the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo has four
frameless doors and elegant aluminium highlights.
The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is highly versatile: a flexible
interior comprising the rear seats, the partition wall wall, and the luggage
compartment allows the adjustment of the interior individually to personal
requirements – from a separate luggage compartment, like in a sedan, all
the way to a loading capacity of 1,650 litres or almost 58 cubic feet with the
rear seats folded down. This flexibility is rounded off by a two-piece tailgate
with separate openings for additional convenience.
Interior design:
The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo offers a spacious and
luxurious ambience with inspiring and modern interior design. As the
world’s only combination of variable spaciousness and uncompromising
premium quality, this new concept car also stands out through the most
sophisticated materials and excellent quality of finish. Supreme harmony
in interior design, reflected by the trim surfaces extending from the front to
the rear doors, creates a modern symbiosis of the two seats at the front and
the seats at the rear. The panorama glass roof, in turn, further intensifies
the light and generous ambience inside the car, while the stylish cockpit
emphasises the sheer width of the vehicle through its horizontal lines,
black panel technology and a fully integrated 10.2-inch Control Display.

• Supreme seating comfort, ample headroom and elbow room in the front
provide the standard of a luxury performance automobile, the slightly
elevated seating position ensures an optimum overview and makes access
to the car particularly comfortable. Tilted slightly to the front, the instrument
panel, finally, optimises the degree of control comfort on the driver’s seat.

• Convenient and ergonomically optimised access as well as significant
freedom of movement characterise the generous atmosphere on the rear
seats. Extending all the way to the rear, the centre console in the concept
car emphasises the length of the interior. Outstanding variability, in turn,
is ensured by single seats at the rear infinitely adjustable fore-and-aft,
their backrests folding forwards individually and under electric power at
the touch of a button and the adjustable backrest angle ensuring further
comfort and style.

• With the rear seats in their regular position, the BMW Concept 5 Series
Gran Turismo offers the passengers at the rear the same legroom as
in the BMW 7 Series and virtually the same headroom as in the BMW X5.
In this configuration, luggage compartment capacity is 430 litres or
15.1 cubic feet. The partition wall behind the rear seats separates the
passenger and luggage compartments from one another in terms of both
acoustics and climate conditions, like in a sedan. If necessary, the rear seats
move fore-and-aft by up to 100 millimetres or more than 3.9″ – so that
with the seats moved as far forward as possible, the occupants still enjoy
the same legroom as in the BMW 5 Series Sedan, with luggage capacity
increasing to 570 litres or almost 20 cubic feet. Then, once folding down
the rear seat backrests and the partition wall, the luggage compartment
further increases in size to its maximum capacity of 1,650 litres or nearly
58 cubic feet. The firm cover on the luggage compartment may be
stowed away in the floor of the compartment, again in the interest of extra

• The two-piece tailgate allows unique variability in loading the luggage
compartment: Opening the small, sedan-like tailgate beneath the rear
window enables the driver and passengers, in combination with the closed
partition wall, to load the luggage compartment without creating any
drafts into the passenger compartment or changing the temperature the
passengers wish to enjoy. To conveniently load bulky objects, in turn, all the
driver has to do is open up the large tailgate similar in its configuration to
that of a Sports Activity Vehicle.