BMW 6-Series Coupe gets updated by Prior Design image

The aftermarket specialists at Prior Design have recently created a new upgrade package, this time for the BMW 6-Series Coupe, as this is adding some interesting items to the two-door rear-wheel drive vehicle.

After offering a preview last August on the BMW 6-Series Coupe, the guys at Prior Design have recently released more details on it, and it seems that the package is compatible with the top of the line M6, and also with the GranCoupe, Coupe and Convertible versions of the new 6-Series made by BMW. This has been made from DURA-FLEX and it’s adding the new modified front and rear bumpers, the spoiler / diffuser and the modified side skirts, amongst others.

The guys at Prior Design have also fitted this BMW 6-Series Coupe with several other upgrades too, such as the wide front fender and the rear widening, the rear trunk spoiler or the modified engine hood. According to the tuning company, the mounting material is included in the package and all added parts can be easily painted. Details on the price list of these upgrades are limited for the moment but Prior Design says that these are available upon request.