BMW 635CSi Group 2 tribute is here to stroke your racing ego image

This gorgeous BMW 635CSi Group 2 tribute could be the next best thing besides actually owning a championship winner from BMW, as the BMW 6 Series was one of the European Touring Car Championship greats in the 1980s.

The model series had three championships from 1981 to 1986 and in a bid to honor the legend a team of builders decided to work on a detailed BMW 635CSi tribute car. More importantly, the work of art is now up for grabs. It was constructed over half a decade and sanctioned by FIA papers in 2013, with the car taking inspiration from the 1981 635CSi driven by Dieter Schmid at the Grand Prix of Brno in 1981. The blue and white livery is identical to the original, with the three-tone blue stripes being positioned over the flared fenders and period-correct body kit – there are even period-correct Maurer and Shell logos.


The center-locking wheels are not original but honor the well known cross-spoke design seen on so many BMWs from the ’80s. Inside, the Bimmer shows its racing love – a part of the OEM dash remains, but the rest of the components have been designed to ETCC specifications for the car. Under the hood sits an M30B35 inline-six good for 330 horsepower (246 kilowatts), the transmission is from Getrag motorsport, while the brakes are four-piston AP/Lockhead – and even the suspension adheres to Group 2 specifications. The price is to match as well – €175,000.