BMW has recently announced its plans to introduce the new 7-Series Exclusive Edition and the first details and images with the luxury cruiser have been released.

The German based automaker’s newest creation is named the 7-Series Exclusive Edition, as this has been announced by the company recently. The flagship sedan, in its new limited edition, will be getting some interesting items onto its body and in the cabin too, which should be enough to help it stand out from a crowd and also to gain new customers who aren’t really, for some reason, into the new generation of the S-Class.

The BMW 7-Series Exclusive Edition will come with a metallic paint and 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels, on its exterior, while changes made to the cabin will include the Nappa leather seats, the leather wrapped dashboard, the premium Merino leather upholstery, available as an option, along with the Alcantara headliner. BMW says that the new 7-Series Exclusive Edition will become available in two versions, with a short wheelbase and with a long wheelbase, and it could be offered with just about any engine from the regular 7-Series lineup. More details on the model will be announced this summer, when it will go on sale.


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