BMW has announced its plans to introduce a limited edition of the 7-Series, the Horse Edition, this month, during the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

BMW is aiming towards Chinese car buying customers who are looking for a new premium ride with its new 7-Series Horse Edition. The model in question will be officially presented to the public during the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, on the 20th of April, and, just like with almost every other special edition, this isn’t too different from the standard car. The vehicle is available in a four-color choice, the Citrine Black, the Ruby Black, the Black Sapphire and the Moonstone.

The new BMW 740Li xDrive Horse Edition has the standard M Sport package and it has a slightly more aggressive body kit and wheels, compared to the standard 7-Series. The flagship sedan also has standard LED headlights and some other bits and pieces which will separate it from the regular version, such as the words “Limited Edition” printed on the trunk lid, the Chinese character for “horse” emblazoned on the seat headrests and more. The model is based on the long wheelbase 7-Series and it has the xDrive all-wheel drive as standard.


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