The German based automaker BMW is once again entering the spotlights, this time with its 8-Series Concept, which has just been rendered.

Even if the car manufacturer didn’t release any official details on the production version of the 8-Series Concept car, the model is expected to be a direct rival to the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class. The 8-Series name isn’t quite new to the automaker and the Gran Coupe Concept was expected to be introduced on the market as an 8-Series, but BMW has chosen to name it the 6-Series Gran Coupe. But even so, the company’s customers still need a rival to the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, and BMW might be on to something, as Turkish industrial designer, Ismet Cevik, is showing us in this render.

“It’s actually a real rival to the Mercedes CL. Because I think the 6-Series is not a full comparison to the CL-Class. I went a bit further from a CL, and also included Rolls-Royce and Bentley influences. It is definitely a 90’s legend 8-Series. High class, business, luxury and supersport. Created to be new legend for BMW”, as Ismet Cevik said about his concept.

The 8-Series name has also been used in the past on the popular BMW 8-Series, which has been made since 1989 to 1999. The BMW 8-Series was a two-door 2+2 coupe, being available with either a V8 or a V12 engine.


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