The BMW 8-Series has been rumored to hit the market for quite some time now and we can take a closer look at it thanks to these renderings.

BMW has fallen behind one of its main competitors, Mercedes-Benz, in terms of offering a true luxury cruiser with a two-door body style. The 3-pointed star has the S-Class Coupe but until now, the Bavarian based automaker hasn’t officially expressed its intention of offering a similar vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot take a closer look at it, with the help of the renderings posted below.
BMW 8-Series rendering 1
The images have been signed by Theophilus Chin and they are showing us how it may look like in its final production form. First of all, we have to notice its front fascia, with the slender headlights with LED technology and incorporated daytime running lights, the familiar BMW kidney grille with chrome accents, the fog lamps integrated into the front bumper, the muscular lines and its sloping roofline.
BMW 8-Series rendering 2
If things are looking pretty good when it comes to its front fascia, the same cannot be said about its rear end as well, because this is not that appealing, despite having the familiar taillights and the rectangular exhaust pipes. As we said above, the final looks of the car may turn out to be very different from these renderings, that is if BMW decides to put it into production. If the overall design of the model looks familiar to you, this is because the artist has used the Gran Lusso Coupe concept as an inspiration.


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