BMW achieves 100,000 electrified units milestone image

The German automaker has managed to deliver more than 100, 000 alternatively-powered autos, so the company is now confident to spearhead its electric plans.

Back in November 2013 the Bavarian brand introduced its “i” subbrand – and only now direct competitors are responding with their own marquees – such as Mercedes’ EQ. This is because the success has been slow to build – but nevertheless at least they’re out of the segment’s infancy. Today combined sales of the i3 and i8 have surpassed 70k units, with the compact and cheaper i3 being the most popular of the duo – more than 60,000 units and with more than 80 percent of them being buyers new to the BMW brand.

The total surges to over 100,000 electrified cars if we also count the plug-in hybrids sold today under the “BMW iPerformance,” label – for example the 330e or X5 xDrive40e. BMW has also officially reaffirmed its plans to deliver a production series i8 Roadster sometime in 2018. After that, a fully electric Mini will arrive in 2019, followed by the now confirmed zero-emissions X3 in 2020. For 2021, BMW has prepared the electric flagship “i Next” with autonomous driving capabilities. Today the latest eco-enhanced BMW is the all-new 530e, which thinks it can deliver 45 km of electric range and a fuel economy of 2 liters / 100 km (117.6 mpg) in hybrid mode.