BMW ActiveHybrid3 going to Detroit image

The German based automaker BMW has recently announced that the ActiveHybrid3 will be officially presented at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show.

According to the car manufacturer, the BMW ActiveHybrid3 will join the rest of the 3-Series lineup at the North American automotive event, in January 2012. The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit will also be the place where the new generation of the BMW 3-Series will be officially launched over-seas and this can only be a success, considering the fact that the model has been well received by Europeans at its official unveiling in October, 2011.

As a reminder, the 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid3 takes its power from the same engine as the 2012 335i, the N55 six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo unit, which is developing 300 horsepower, mated to an electric motor which is generating 55 horsepower. In BMW figures, 300 plus 55 equals 335 HP, which is the total output of the model, along with a peak torque of 330 lb-ft. The new ActiveHybrid3 has an average fuel consumption of less than 6.4 liters every 100 km, in EU test cycle, being translated into 36.7 mpg. BMW also says that the Active Hybrid3 can run on pure electric power for about 2 miles, with a top speed of 37 mph.