Daimler’s division managed to further reduce the gap between it and its two main rivals, as January’s sales growth pace was bigger than at BMW and Audi.

Mercedes-Benz, which lost first place among the global premium manufacturers and is now third is poised to reclaim the top spot, is now on the right track, as its global January sales went up by 15% to 109,500 cars, mainly due to a 32 % growth demand for its compacts models. Meanwhile, Audi’s sales advanced by a healthy 12% to 124,850 cars and BMW only rose 9.2 % to 117,200 vehicles. Still, Audi leads the tally count, in a trend that would see it outgrow Audi for the first place instead of Mercedes.

As all three German rivals managed to have record sales in 2013 and expect further growth for this year, Mercedes-Benz is stepping up its efforts, as Daimler’s Chief Executive Officer Dieter Zetsche plans to unveil 30 new vehicles by the end of the decade, with 13 of them without a predecessor.

“Our target is to increase overall global sales for a fourth successive year,” Ian Robertson, sales chief at the Munich-based automaker BMW, said in a statement.

Actually, Mercedes in 2013 (for the first time since 2010) posted a faster growth rate than BMW, and in the final months it outgrew Audi also. All year deliveries at Mercedes went up by 11 %, while Audi’s increased by 8.3 % increase and BMW’s by 7.5 %.

Via Bloomberg


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