BMW and Boeing will exchange information regarding the recycling of ultra-light carbon fiber and how to automate the material.

Boeing said that the research will find solutions for cheaper production carbon fiber and therefore increase its use on jetliners and vehicles manufactured by the two companies. Among other proprieties, carbon fiber saves fuel and reduces weight.

The to companies chose to collaborate for the first time after BMW opened its new carbon fiber plant in Washington, USA, where Boeing also has plants. The facility will produce carbon fiber for BMW’s new EV to be released in 2013, the BMW i3, followed by the BMW i8, which will be the automaker’s first car with a carbon passenger cell.

The plant will also be used for joint research as the two companies will exchange information on recycling the material and how to automate the carbon fiber.

“Boeing has many years of extensive experience using carbon fibre in the field of aviation, while the BMW Group has earned a significant competitive advantage through its use of special manufacturing methods for series production of carbon fiber parts,” said Herbert Diess, board member at BMW.


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