BMW and Continental developing automated driving system for motorways image

The BMW Group and automotive supplier Continental are stepping up their collaboration in the field of driver assistance systems.

In January, the two companies signed an agreement to jointly develop an electronic co-pilot system capable of supporting highly automated driving. The main goal of the research partnership is to have highly automated driving functions ready for implementation until 2020 and thereafter.

The joint project between the BMW Group and Continental is scheduled to run from early 2013 to the end of 2014. Over this two-year timeline, a number of prototypes capable of highly automated operation on motorways will be developed.

They will then be handed over to a selected group of trained test participants for pilot-testing of their near-production highly automated driving functions. The tests, which will take place on German and European motorways, will take into account all the typical challenges, such as motorway intersections, toll stations, roadworks and national borders.

The research project on highly automated driving will aim to take a major step towards making accident-free mobility a reality. Both companies agree that highly automated driving will play a major part in ensuring sustainable personal mobility in future.

To help the system progress from vision to reality, a number of teams from both companies will address a range of technical challenges, since only with a complete command of the necessary technology will it also be possible to develop a legal framework for automated driving.