BMW and John Deere unite for construction work concept image

We’re not really into such utility machines – simply because if we dived deep we would never come back to report on the regular automotive folk. But we just had to show you this BMW Designworks and John Deere project.

The two companies have created what they essentially call “the backhoe of the future” and the concept will be on point for the worldwide audience of the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas. The idea was to mix sustainable build materials, like a lightweight metal matrixed exoskeleton, with technology like virtual and augmented reality for a bespoke research and design process called “Fixstern,” meaning “Fixed Star.” The main goal – create the focus point for the company to strive to achieve in the near or medium future.

“BMW is continuously working on innovations to headline the radical change in our future mobility,” said the company. “Through Designworks we are able to share knowledge and inspire change and transformation in other industries, which is important not only with regards to product design or connectivity but especially when it comes to sustainable solutions for the future.” There’s even a unique hybrid powertrain for optimal efficiency without reducing power, with a lower center of gravity and improved visibility to increase productivity. The concept also incorporates forward stabilizers, an extended wheelbase, and even airless tires.

BMW and John Deere unite for construction work concept 1