BMW and Tesla officials discussed the future of electric autos image

While Nissan and its Leaf model take the crown for the global best-seller of electric cars, when it comes to technological advances in the area, two names could pop up fast – BMW and Tesla.

They’re not the most likely to come up if you ask someone on the street, but if you go on and poll people with at least a sensible knowledge of the world of electric cars, there’s little reason to doubt about their naming.

Tesla has been America’s investor sweetheart for the past two years, and its Model S luxury electric sedan is a car that really entices the usual consumer to buy an electric car. On the other hand, BMW went out of its way to establish an entire brand on the eco move, with its electric cars swell of technology.

“Both companies are strongly committed to the success of electro-mobility and discussed how to further strengthen the development of electro-mobility on an international level,” said a BMW spokesperson.

Last week, executives from both companies met to further discuss the advancements in the segment – which hasn’t received the traction the automakers had hoped for. They both seek to address problems like the rather limited range of battery-electric cars, the limited availability of charging stations (and the different standards they use) and the long time needed to recharge.

Via Reuters