BMW and Toyota to produce hybrid sports car together image

BMW and Toyota will produce a hybrid sports car together as part of their alliance and the model in question will be different than the replacement for the Z4 and for the Supra.

German technology combined with Japanese reliability will be the key to success for BMW and Toyota which will start developing a hybrid sports car. Sources within BMW have hinted the design of the new vehicle which should be different than the one of the Z4 replacement and the spiritual successor of the supra. The model in question will get a front-engined and a four-wheel drive layout thanks to the use of the petrol engine and the electric motors.

Toyota’s Le Mans LMP1 program expertise will be used in the development of the high-tech supercapacitor touting hybrid system for a performance boost and a short-term kinetic energy storage. The supercapacitors technology can absorb and discharge energy faster than the newest lithium-ion batteries and they are smaller and lighter than current energy storage sources. BMW will provide the petrol burner which won’t be larger than 2.0 liters in capacity and power will be sent to the wheels through a sequential manual transmission. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials will be used for the outer body and despite riding on the same platform, the interior design of the BMW and Toyota hybrid sports car will be different.

Source: Autocar