BMW Announces Enhanced Satellite Radio Channel Selection And Pricing For 2010 Models. image

BMW announced today that its SIRIUS satellite radio factory option has been enhanced with an expanded channel line-up and a price reduction for 2010 model BMW cars and Sports Activity Vehicles™ in the United States (excludes 5 Series, 6 Series, and X3). When ordering the SIRIUS option from the factory, the price has been reduced from $595 to $350, and continues to include a pre-paid one-year subscription to ”The SIRIUS Everything” package.

The SIRIUS option will now include “The Best of XM” package, featuring popular XM channels including Oprah Radio , MLB Home Plate, NBA and NHL games, The PGA TOUR Network and XM Public Radio.

Additional features have been added to enhance the user experience and can be accessed via BMW’s 4th-generation iDrive interface:

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* The channel list may now be displayed as channel name, artist and song title.
* Artist and song title listings give listeners a “sneak-peek” to what is currently being played on the channel line-up.
* Channel surfing is now made easier by the provision of Direct Channel Input.
* Instant Replay allows users to time shift / replay a favorite song or program.
* Favorite Alert will notify users when a favorite artist, song, or game is being played.
* Traffic Jump allows users to automatically tune to the traffic message of a chosen metro area when the message becomes available to avoid missing important updates.

Vehicles not equipped with the iDrive controller will still have the Traffic Jump and Direct Channel Input features added to the feature set for 2010 when ordered with the SIRIUS option.