BMW Assist with Destination Download image

As of model year 2009, all BMW vehicles equipped with the BMW Assist™ telematics option come with a new convenience feature called Destination Download.
The Destination Download feature allows the driver to obtain destination, or “point of interest” (POI) information while on the move. By simply selecting the “Concierge” soft key in the on-board Communication menu, the customer is wirelessly connected to the BMW Assist™ call centre where a call centre specialist will search a POI database for the required destination and quickly send it the vehicle’s on-board display.

The entire process from soft key selection to POI download typically takes one or two minutes. The customer can then select the POI as a destination or call it using their Bluetooth-capable handset. Destination Download is capable of sending up to 10 POIs per transaction.

As of model year 2009, BMW Assist™ and the integrated Bluetooth system is available as standard equipment in 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X5, X6, 335i and all M models. It is available as either a stand alone option ( $1,100 ) or as part of the Premium Package in the balance of the BMW models. BMW Assist™ is available for 1 year at no charge to the customer as of date of delivery. It is renewable at a cost of $190.00 per year (plus applicable taxes) thereafter.
Destination Download is also available retroactively for 2008 BMW models from March through August 2008 production with a limitation of one download per transaction.

Until recently, BMW Assist™and its integrated Bluetooth® hands free system has been synonymous with safety. With features such as Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Request and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, the safety appeal of the service was self evident. Over the past few years BMW has enhanced and broadened the services offered by adding remote services such as Remote Door Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. More recently, services with a convenience appeal were added to round out the BMW Assist™ service bundle.


Source: BMW