BMW backs VW in support for German electric-vehicle goal image

As it nears the sales start of its first electric model, the i3, BMW Group has decided to join VW in voicing public support for the German government’s goal to put 1 million electric cars by 2020 in the country.

BMW rallies to last week’s VW call to arms, which said the threshold is within reach if partly battery-powered cars such as hybrids and plug-ins are also counted. Developing the European Union’s electric-vehicle segment will need the support of authorities, though official backing here lags behind initiatives in the United States and China, according to BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer.

“I hope the ongoing discussions between national governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission lead to a package that’s viable,” Reithofer said. “At the moment, the commission’s proposals don’t offer incentives to speed up introduction of alternative drives.”

Carmakers are introducing electric-powered models to comply with tightening emission standards that apply to their fleets’ emissions across the globe. BMW is releasing the 34,950 euro ($48,200) all-electric i3 compact car into German showrooms starting next month. The model was presented during the Frankfurt Motor Show, toghether with a concept for a plug-in hybrid X5. The i3 will compete on the German market with the newly released VW e-UP!

Via Automotive News Europe