BMW Brilliance 5 Series plug-in hybrid will enter in production image

BMW and its Chinese partner, Brilliance Automotive, unveiled the concept for a future 5 Series plug-in hybrid sedan in Shanghai. The automaker on Wednesday said that the 5 Series plug-in hybrid will enter in production in China from 2013.

The plug-in will be based on the BMW 5 Series long wheelbase version, which BMW Brilliance Automotive, BMW’s China company, began building in Shenyang in 2010.
It features a parallel hybrid setup consisting of 215HP (160kW) turbocharged combustion engine and an electrical motor with a maximum output of 94HP (70kW).
The electrical motor draws its energy from a high-voltage battery housed in the luggage compartment which can be charged via the mains power supply.

In electric mode BMW claim the New Energy Vehicle can cruise at 37mph, for a range of 43 miles. Significantly better than BMW’s current X6 and 7-series ActiveHybrid models, which can manage a maximum of 1.6 miles in the X6.

When the petrol engine is doing the work with hybrid support, the minimum additional range is claimed as 249 miles. BMW says these stats fit the driving profile of Chinese buyers in the premium segment.

This figures might change in the final produciton version, which will be built in China in 2013.