BMW celebrates 30 years of M3 with quirky prototypes image

The German automaker has the three decades M30 milestone celebrated in a different way – refreshing our memories with four special prototypes that were presented along the route.

The company’s engineers and designers, during the 30-year period – have indulged in some crazy ideas, with the automaker presenting in a gallery four of the most special oddities of the M3 life. BMW is celebrating 30 years of M3 by looking through its archives and pulling out some of the most crazy contraptions – two pickups, a high-performance wagon and a hot hatch.


The original M3 was developed bespoke for racing, and it also became a street-legal affair due to regulations calling for at least 5,000 road-legal examples to be sold over a 12 month period. BMW Motorsport engineers back then decided to go as far as possible at the division’s Garching campus and took the 3 Series Convertible and fitted a pickup bed in the back. And apparently the truck was used to haul stuff on site until four years

The 1996 M3 Compact was an idea pitted against younger buyers, they used the contemporary 3 Series Compact and fitted a 321-horsepower 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine. The 2000 M3 Touring was again something that was more practical than crazy – the idea that families could have high-performance DNA. The M3 Pickup was yet again visited back in 2011 with the creation of another version – which is actually a replacement for the original shop truck.