The No.1 premium brand in the world aims to set up a second factory in the North America region to meet increased demand in the region and fight back the competition.

BMW AG is fighting to keep its namesake brand the first in the world as Audi in the recent months took the reign by a narrow margin and as Mercedes-Benz managed to best both in the USA in 2013.

Now, the company is fast progressing with its plans to setup a second production facility in the region, with Bloomberg managing to get hold of an internal publication for staff that reveals new details.

“We will decide this in the next months,” said there in an interview Harald Krueger, BMW’s production chief. “On the North American continent, there’s still potential.”

“As part of our long-term growth strategy we’re frequently looking at different countries for possible locations for future production facilities,” also said Mathias Schmidt, a BMW spokesman, on the matter. “No decisions have been made yet, though, for a new plant in North America.”

According to people briefed on the plans, the search has been progressing, narrowing the locations – with at least two Mexico sites still being considered. The new factory would be used to build the 3 Series bestseller, in an attempt to fend off the growing threat posed by its German rivals.

Via Automotive News Europe


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