The world’s largest luxury automaker may soon be forced to increase production output for its range-topping hybrid sports car – i8 – because the company has seen rising waiting lists for the model.

The plug-in hybrid sports car, a 120,000-euro coupe, is the pinnacle of current BMW technology and it looks like the clients have noticed that, triggering lengthy waiting lists. According to Ian Robertson, BMW’s sales and marketing chief, those now amount to almost 18 months. The executives considers that when dealing with a built-to-order premium automobile, clients should not have to wait more than six months, adding that “we need to find ways to increase i8 production because the waiting lists in some markets are getting too long.”

The flagship i8 plug-in hybrid sports car has been touted by the company for many years and only recently went on sale – back in June in Europe and in August in the United States, The model is currently manufactured at BMW’s plant in Leipzig, Germany. While the official didn’t provide any specific numbers on the current production levels or the planned increases, Robertson did say that the i8 was conceived as a low-volume model with annual sales in the low single digit thousands.

Via Automotive News Europe


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