BMW Ag said that BMW CS will never enter in production. image

BMW ag. CEO – Dr. Norbert Reithofer in a conference call told journalists that BMW will not produce a series version of BMW 8-Series predecessor named BMW CS, because this vehicle does not meet the internal requirements for rates of return.

“At the moment we do not need that kind of brand shaper”, Reithofer said.
For those who don’t know, CS Concept was a concept car displayed by BMW in 2007 at several international motor shows and again in April 2008 at the New York International Auto Show. It is a fastback sedan that features many new innovations for BMW, such as door handles that only come out when sensors detect motion.
Tom Purves, CEO of BMW America, in 2008, stated that CS Concept could be produced, following positive initial comments in 2007 by BMW dealers. This was followed up in 2008 by an announcement by BMW that the concept goes into production in the form of the new BMW Gran Turismo. Unlike the previous 8 Series, which was two-door coupe grand tourer, the Gran Turismo would be a four-door with coupé-type styling, similar to the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. Too bad that in the final, BMW will not produce it.

“In other words, we are pushing ahead Efficient Dynamics and Project i as part of our strategy Number ONE,” Eichiner said. A key goal of BMW’s Number ONE strategic plan is to cut costs by 6 billion euros a year by 2012. The plan was launched in late 2007.
“The next step will be a mega city car with two different drivetrain options — one with electric powertrain and one with a highly efficient combustion engine,” Reithofer said.


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